Our goal is to enhance your child’s learning process and to create a home from home.
The reasons for our success are our Religious believes, dedicated personnel, space, trees and lovely lawns.

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The school must be informed by 09:00 if any of the following matters are applicable:

Any circumstances at home or school that could affect your child’s behaviour.

If your child will be absent from school.

Any change of address, telephone number or doctor.

If your child visits a therapist, psychologist, etc. the school must receive a copy of the report.

One calendar month written notice is required should your child wish to leave the school or you will be charged for a full months school fees. November will not be accepted as a notice month. NB!! Children under the age of two requires a two month written notice.


No child is permitted to bring any sweets or toys to school.

Sweets may be brought only when pre-arranged for birthdays or going away parties. It is up to parent’s if they wish to supply sweets at such an occasion, but this should be kept to a minimum.


The following meals and snacks are served during school hours:

  • Breakfast at 08:00. A child arriving after 08:30 will not be served breakfast. Breakfast will either be oats, maize meal or maltabella.
  • Snacks at 10:00. Rooibos tea or juice and sandwiches.
  • Lunch at 12:00. Please see menu on notice board.
  • Afternoon snacks at 14:45. Juice and sandwiches


  • Any prescribed medication must be listed in the medicine book in the classroom.
  • The medicine must be placed in the medicine box and must be clearly marked. Please don’t leave any medicine on the table or in a suitcase where children can reach it.
  • No medication will be administered unless signed for in the register by a parent. It remains the responsibility of the parent/s to remove the medicine from the containers at home time.

Should your child require medical attention, the cost of such treatment will be for your account. It is school policy of Bambolini that no homeopathic medicine or vitamin supplements will be administered on this premises.

  • Drive slowly and carefully inside the terrain, as there are many children in the parking lot.
  • Do not go through the gates while they are moving. Wait for the gate to come to a standstill before going through. The gate has a sensor that will ensure that gate does not close on your car.  Bambolini will not accept any responsibility for any damages that occur at the gate.
  • If the gate is damaged because you drove through it while it was moving, Bambolini will claim the damages from you.
  • The driveway and parking are used at your own risk. Bambolini and its personnel will not accept responsibility for any damages that could occur.
  • The gate by the Eendjie (Baby) class may only be used by the parents whose children are enrolled in the class.
  • No child may be picked up over any of the fences or gates.



Extra mural activities are offered at the school.  These, however, are offered by people outside the school and these activities have nothing to do with the school except Smart Kids.  These activities include: Smart Kids, Ballet, Leap for Joy, Playball, Gymnastics, Music Box, Rugby, Cricket, A+ Students and Tumbling Tigers.


Advertising will include among others, the following: the school’s facebook page, website, flyers and/or other media


Ingrid Cilliers:
012 880 4152 or 072 722 6134


You are welcome to visit us at:
14/1 Midas Ave,

GPS: -25.806561 28.334877