Bambolini Private School

Bambolini Private School opened its doors in May 2011 in Midas Ave in Olympus.
Bambolini is not only a School but a home away from home to your child.
Our children learn, grow and play in a safe creative environment.


Although we are an Afrikaans School, English is spoken in our classes on alternate days and we welcome all English speaking families. English children will be addressed in English. Bambolini friends have the benefit of a bi-lingual education.

Our belief

At Bambolini we believe in creating an atmosphere where the children feel secure, loved and wanted. We have a holistic approach to learning and development whereby the wellbeing of the child is our first priority. With this in mind we follow programmes where we prepare our children for learning readiness.

We encourage our children to play. Through play comes learning!

We see each child as a unique designed individual, each with their own special talents. Our children are all smart but in different ways. It is important to develop these talents into skills for learning by creating an environment where we build self- confidence, social skills and interaction and emotional intelligence. At Bambolini we promote fantasy play. When a child engages in pretend play, they are actively experimenting with the social and emotional roles of life. When children pretend to be different characters, they have the experience of  “walking in someone else’s shoes,”  which helps teach the important moral development skill of empathy.

At Bambolini the development of language is strongly interdependent with, and supports, your child’s brain development and cognitive development. Our teachers know that having a large vocabulary increases creativity and helps children to come up with new ideas. There are also numerous benefits to learning more than one language! Language is the foundation for all social interactions and we promote a learning friendly environment where the children read age appropriate books, and find ways to play and have fun while teaching. Bambolini cares about developing critical thinking skills, the why questions, learning from each other and our teachers, dealing with conflicts and evaluate information are a few activities our children are exposed to continuously.


Bambolini is a Christian School and each day we start by reading a bible story and prayer.

We follow the CAPS Curriculum. There is a consistent guidance for our teachers at Bambolini; we have specific aims, skills and continuous assessments throughout the year. Our teachers work according to “Themes” and a week by week planning is required by each teacher. Learning outcomes are also clearly stipulated in our teacher’s preparation. Our teachers are qualified for their age group. Our teachers and children are also assisted by our class assistants. Our class assistants are well qualified and have many years of experience working with pre-school children and babies, each one of them are placed in a classroom that suits her strong points.

Bambolini is proud to have more assistants in our classes than is required to be in ratio. Our children are under supervision at all times.

Various extra mural activities are available at Bambolini at an extra cost. Bambolini has the following activities available: Playball, Ballet, Rugby, Netball, Cricket, Music, Little Readers and Gymnastics and Hip Hop.

Bambolini is well known for our well maintained playground and lush green lawns with beautiful trees, we have separate playgrounds that accommodate seniors to babies. We follow a very popular afternoon program. We have various Jungle Gyms, Sand Pits and Doll Houses on our grounds that is maintained and cleaned daily.

We have separate Facilities for our Baby and Toddler Schools, and we can accommodate babies from 3 months to 2 years in this department. It also hosts its own playgrounds, doll houses and playroom and jungle gyms. Health and Safety at Bambolini are of the highest priority and we take extra precaution to ensure that each and every child is safe at all times.


Our facilities are clean and maintained daily by our full-time cleaning and maintenance team. We also have a deep cleaning company that visits the school on a weekly basis to ensure our facilities are germ and bacteria free. Toys are sterilised frequently, and hand sanitizers are located inside each bathroom and classroom to ensure a healthy clean environment for all. Our little one’s toilet facilities provide privacy and we encourage hygiene routines daily especially in our nappy changing areas and potty-training classes.

All Bambolini teachers and assistants have their First Aid Training certificates and our personal goes on various courses throughout the year to keep up to date with the most relevant child education methodology. Our school is situated close to medical practitioners and hospitals.

Security of our children is a priority. We have CCTV cameras in all classes, hallways, and play areas.  We have a secure drop off parking area. A biometric access control system that will only work either by fingerprint or dedicated code. We have 24-hour armed response security. Mock evacuation drills are carried out regularly to ensure everyone is familiar with our drill in the case of an emergency.


Ingrid Cilliers


Ingrid has an open-door policy and is available to discuss anything anytime and all her contact details are available for all, please contact her directly to make an appointment with her.

Nadine Vermeulen

Principal of the Senior Department

Nadine is the principal of the Senior Department of the school. Classes that fall under the senior school are the following: Krimpies, Apies, Kameelperdjies, Uiltjies, Naaldekokers, Eekhorings, Vissies and Leeutjies. She is here to assist with any enquiries regarding our seniors and she is available every day during school hours to assist in matters regarding our children and school.

Eleanor van Schalkwyk

Principal of our Baby Department

Eleanor is the principal of our Baby Department of Bambolini. Classes that fall under her Baby school are the following:  Skilpadjies, Hasies, Bytjies, Beertjies and Pikkewyntjies. She is available to discuss and assist with any enquiries regarding our Baby Department.


Ingrid Cilliers:
012 880 4152 or 072 722 6134


You are welcome to visit us at:
14/1 Midas Ave,

GPS: -25.806561 28.334877