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Welcome to Bambolini Privaatskool - Private School

Welcome to Bambolini Privaatskool - Private School


Our goal at Bambolini is to enhance your child’s learning process and to create a second home from home.

At Bambolini your child’s needs will always come first! We strive in creating a safe and hygienic environment for our children to play and learn in. We have dedicated personnel, lots of space, trees and lovely lawns.

We accept babies from 3months old to children aged 6. Bambolini is an Afrikaans school, however we teach our children to be bilingual. We alternate between Afrikaans and English every other day. English children are welcome and will be spoken to in English.

Bambolini is situated at 14/1 Midas Ave, Olympus, Pretoria-East.

14 Midas Ave,